How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

Get More Followers On Instagram

How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

Instagram is a new age social media revolution that has broken all records of popularity among its peers. While facebook has become stagnant in its growth and twitter reporting decline in user numbers, Instagram is the one medium which is growing rapidly, with user counts exceeding 800 million mark this is this is the one company to look out for in the coming era, it is a medium which has caught the eyes of the commercial houses all across the globe, the beauty of this social media giant is that is liked across the globe, by person of any age, religion, country, color or ethnicity, it has no limitation and that is the main reason it has become the most popular advertising medium.

The instagram success has been possible because of the users it has and this is the main power of this medium. The ever growing user numbers, people live this app and so millions are added every year, this success has also given rise to a new breed of people known as the ‘Influencers’. These are the set of people who have maximum number of followers under their profile and hence posses a major influence on the buying and selecting pattern of their followers, making them and very powerful medium in the social media, these Influencer may be a celebrity, sports person, musician or a complete nobody, there are no fixed rules for this in the Instagram or social media for that matter, this is what makes the Instagram such a interesting and happening palace because here every individual has a chance of getting famous and earn some bucks.

The only rule or condition is that you must have sufficient number of followers; they hold the key to this Instagram laurel. So the question that comes in everyone’s mind is how we can get more followers on instagram? So this blog is about the various methods to get more and more followers:

Methods To Increase Followers Count In Instagram

The crux to increasing the followers count on instagram is a carefully done exercise following various methods, there can tons of other methods involved but the below mentioned methods are tested and advised by the experts, you can identify and use these methods for your benefit and enjoy the exploits.

1. Identify the correct niche:

The key to success in social media depends upon Identifying the correct niche and audience. If you have a hobby, passion or expertise in any field it would really be easier for you to connect with that particular niche. And you can try and become and influencer in that particular Instagram niche. If you have correctly identified the correct niche for you, then you have completed the first step towards success. And if the choice of niche is wrong then you would be sailing on murky waters.

2. Connecting with the audience:

The next steps towards increasing followers count is by connecting with the potential followers, like their posts. Interact with them and create contest on your pages to make in more lucrative and attractive prompting the targeted niche follower. Thus creating an attractive page which would prompt the user to be a follower as he would find a like minded individual with great potentials.

3. Post regularly:

Another step towards the goal of increase instagram followers is the concept to post regularly on your instagram account, with relevant and useful information of the niche. The content holds the key and the quality of the post would decide the outcome of the result in followers count. If the post is of quality, connect with the audience, caters to the needs and choice of the niche then there is every possibility of making your targeted audience like your post and thus find you as a interesting individual, with hold and mastery in that niche and hence make him your follower. So the concept of posting regularly should be taken seriously if the aim is to increase the follower count.

4. Hold contest, quiz and prizes:

The key to success on Instagram is the ability to keep your audience love you and be in touch with your instagram profile. So the best move in that direction would be to provide your audience with some random contest, quiz so that the targeted audience like your profile and actively participate in the contest, and if the lure of prize is there then it would be the most lucrative profile which would attract not only the followers but also the connected profiles of the followers and thus would bring you more followers and create a rippling effect.

5. Interact with the Niche leader:

The niche leader is the influencer who has the maximum followers count in the niche and is the undisputed champion of that subject, thus his every move is closely followed by his or her follower, so when you start a healthy discussion with that niche leader you are closely watched by all the other followers, who in turn find you to be authoritative in that niche and thus are compelled to follow you and thus, simple practice can give you your precious followers and increasing your bounty of followers.

6. Buy Instagram followers and make a smart move:

Though the concept of buy Instagram followers may seem to be a black hat method. But there is no doubt that this method is used by almost all the top notch Influencer in some part of their carrier to boost their effect and thus increase their followers. Hence when you buy Instagram followers you make a smart move and create a credibility for your Instagram profile as this smart decision of buying Instagram followers provides you with increased followers count and thus when the organic traffic comes to your page through good posts, he finds that the profile already has good followers and so finds the account credible and hence is not reluctant in following it. Thus you see that a smart move of buying followers can automatically increase your organic followers.

Thus by implementing these mentioned methods and inventing some of your own, you can easily make a success story out of it, Hope you find this useful.