What to Know Before Hiring Painting Services
You’ve probably heard of painting services, but aren’t sure where to turn. After all, home ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities, and one of the most tedious is maintaining your home. That’s why it’s so important to hire a professional for both interior and exterior painting. Additionally, painting is often a necessary part of remodeling or expanding a home. If you’d like to find out more about painting services, keep reading.

Ask for an estimate. Before you hire a painting service, you need to have an idea of how much you’ll charge for your services. You can ask a contractor to provide you with an estimate, but this doesn’t obligate you to use that quote. Getting a quote can help you plan ahead, as you can compare various quotes and determine which one will fit your budget best. Make sure to include a cover letter, client testimonials, and a service contract.

Consider exterior painting. Paint your home’s exterior to boost curb appeal and sell for more money. Exterior painting can also protect wood from moisture-induced rot. Professional painting services will take the time to stain the wood in a manner that will last for years. In addition, a professionally-applied staining process will be more durable than your DIY project because professional painting teams skip important steps and avoid shortcuts. Whether you need your house painted for safety or for aesthetic reasons, painting services will do the job right.

A painting service may charge more for prep work. For example, removing light fixtures and electrical outlet covers can increase the cost. You should also consider moving large furniture to the middle of the room and covering walls with drop cloths. Some painting services will even reduce the price if you provide the materials. Then again, you never know when a painter might need to make repairs. A professional painter will make the job easy and stress-free for you.

Painting contractors handle both interior and exterior painting jobs. Many of these companies employ a different crew for exterior projects. For exterior painting, you’ll need a different crew because of the weather. In addition, some painting contractors specialize in more than one service. For example, they may specialize in drywall repair and staining in addition to painting. So, you need to be specific when talking to potential painting contractors. If you are unsure what services to ask, look online for reviews.

Commercial and residential painting are very different. While residential painters deal with painting on an individual dwelling, commercial painters are better suited for painting businesses. If you’d like to make your home or business look brand new, a professional can do that, too. The same goes for office buildings. You may need to update the look of a multi-family dwelling. So, it’s important to choose the right painting company for the job.

Interior painting services typically cost between $600-$1000 per room. The cost of labor and supplies varies widely depending on the size of the house and the amount of work needed to prepare the walls. Depending on the type of paint used and the amount of prep work required, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $3,920 per room. Interior painting is a great way to update your home without undergoing major construction, remodeling, or remodel.

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